Kim Mina
Owner, Coach, CF-L1

Kim owns Crossfit Highbridge, but just 5 years ago she was an average overweight working mom just trying to survive. One day, despite having never been into fitness or having touched a barbell, she decided to change her life and started Crossfit. She loves the way it brings unique individuals together to create a diverse and supportive community. Now her world revolves around her faith, two boys, Crossfit Highbridge, coffee and donuts.

Michael Godsey
Coach, CF-L1

Michael has been doing CrossFit for two years despite the fact his family thought he would only last a month. Now, 30 pounds lighter and considerably stronger, Michael is a coach who enjoys watching others achieve their goals. With a Bachelor in Music, Michael will talk to anyone about musical theatre, but has now discovered a new passion in CrossFit and is pursuing a Masters in Exercise Science. 

Parker Nixon
Coach, CF-L1

Parker has been doing Crossfit for 2 years. A little coercion from a friend and a lot of frustration with the fit of her clothes convinced her to give Highbridge a try. She loves Crossfit for the community and confidence it has given her. Parker believes tacos and a positive attitude make life better. The avid traveler does the social media for Hampden-Sydney when she is not planning her next adventure around the world.